Hello! It is a pleasure to meet you, I am Federico Villa, a passionate designer from Colombia, specializing in research, design, and strategy.

Currently: Senior Experience Designer at Fuseproject

I am originally from Bogota, Colombia and have two degrees in Industrial Design and Service Design from The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

My Passions are Social Impact, Systems thinking, Sustainability, Accessibility, and Education.

I am fascinated by the creation of user-centered products and the development of holistic systems and comprehensive services that aim to create more profound experiences. 

As a creative, I'm always driven to explore the relationship between art and design as well as contribute to social projects centered around community, and altruism.

Clients: Samsung, Jet.com, Hewlett Packard, FedEx, Citrix, Discover, Dexcom, Seismic, Forme, Embodied, Godrej, JDRF.org, SOW Design Studio, Silver Institute of New York, Telfair Museums, and SCAD.


I am open for collaborations, and great conversations:



Let's remind the world that we are all
a part of something — something bigger. 
That by fostering innovation, and creativity in every context
we can simplify and exemplify better ways to experience, and interact
with everything around us, and with each other.

Through the evolution of this perspective,
let's broaden our relationships

with nature and the spaces we inhabit,
reducing our impact and developing a presence
for our creations and our imagination.