Using a variety of strategic design, and creative thinking methods, Wanderin was developed from extensive research considering all of the stakeholders in the travel service sector while developing concepts that were completely user-focused and user-driven. Through these various innovative approaches, we were able to closely analyze existing brands, map their strategies and find opportunities for new services to be created.


Researching Travel Bureaus

We begun by conducting extensive research on existing tourism bureaus and the current state of the travel industry worldwide. What we found was while that the industry has evolved from having the ease of a travel agent planning your trips (as it was in the past) to people using the internet now that they have access to all the information necessary. Independent private companies like Travelocity, Expedia and Tripadvisor have become the norm for sourcing information but with such a large amount of information available users now are more prone to make mistakes, feel stressed and pressured when making travel plans. 


Understanding the user

Once we had developed a deep understanding of the industry and how its business approach functioned, we felt it was vital to get the opinion from the people who use these services. We asked avid travelers what they felt about their travel experiences, what they liked or didn't like, and how they would imagine traveling in an ideal situation. By mapping all these insights, and through a series of different exercises, we understood that for travelers, security, reliability, connectivity and memory were the most important areas.

Expectation vs. Experience


Persona Development


Building a new experience

Focusing on developing a new series of services that helped travelers, plan new trips with ease, access necessary information while traveling, and later remembering and building off their past experiences became the foundation for Wanderin. Developing a complete service and marketing strategy, Wanderin was designed to join travel bureaus through a comprehensive service that could change the way people travel in the modern world.



WANDERIN is a suite of interconnected services designed for national tourism bureaus, focused on enhancing the entire traveling experience. For travelers that are going to a new destination that want to personalize their trips and catalog them with previous and future ones, WANDERIN is a personal approach to keeping track and delivering information that becomes an essential travel companion and grows with the user. Keeping in mind the most important necessities for travel, WANDERIN focuses on improving security, connectivity and permanence to the experience of the traveler in multiple locations through its adaptability and accessibility.

Marketing plan

Marketing plan

Service Blueprint