A collection of Nomadic Furniture
designed to transition and grow,
alongside its owner.

Home no longer exists as a geographical location, but rather as an emotional connection between people and the objects we call our own. As technology makes the world smaller and more connected, it is changing our relationships, our belongings and our priorities. Embracing a modern aesthetic with consideration for durability and versatility, Olim became an exploration of this new culture; A look into the possibility of furniture that adapts and can migrate easily alongside its owner.

Exhibition for London Design Festival 2014
*Featured in ICON Magazine Dec. 2014
Editor's Pick Cover Magazine 2014
*Espacio Blanco: Perfiles Olim


A modern aesthetic with a personal touch.

Composed of two co-existing elements, the fabric and the frame, the collection assembles into a chair (Soko) a lamp (Lola) and a table (Nola) which can be simply dismantled and repacked with ease. The hand-woven fabrics made with recycled yarns, are all interchangeable, and act as manifestations of personality, taste, emotion or memories. 


Through the personalization of this dynamic form, the Lola lamp can go from a reading lamp to an ambient light by modifying the tensile fabric into three different standing positions. When combined, two Soko chairs can be assembled into a standing shelf. Intended for multiple uses, the Nola table is compact and uses tension to maintain stability. With a simple change of its textile, Nola can always be dressed for any occasion.


Created in collaboration with Catarina Guimaraes, Daniela Guarin, Medini Cardenas, and Simi Chen.
A very special thanks to Owen Foster, Chair of Industrial Design, SCAD.