Telfair Dashboard

An intergrated management tool
designed for effectiveness and efficiency.

Seeking to better understand and simplify complex management systems, we approached the administrators of the prominent Telfair Museums to help them co-design a better system of metrics that would allow them to measure monitor and improve performance on a daily-weekly-quarterly-annual basis. Working closely with the stakeholders of the museums, together, we developed a management dashboard that unifies and compares data from all three museums in real time into a more visual and comprehensive macro-look of how the museums are performing.



The project was accomplished through extensive research about the organization, frequent in person interviews, and both customer and employee observations. Such analysis allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the museums' needs which became the foundation for the metrics that were of most value for them to collect and visualize. Looking at the issue from various perspectives and through a series of co-creation sessions, we were able to synthesize and design an interactive version of how this dashboard could function. Intergrating existing data, and looking towards the future, we also developed key strategic insights that have helped Telfair Museums position themselves to successfully reach their long term goals and expand the mission and vision of the organization.

See our entire process here.



In collaboration with managers, and visitor coordinators from the museums, we designed one interactive dashboard, composed of three areas (KRI's, KPI's, Service Recovery/Analysis) which together, form a comprehensive overview of Telfair Musesums' short and long term operations. Through this new dashboard Telfair Museums can increase productivity, reduce the effect of system failures and gain valuable insights in real time, while allowing all locations to access the information and operate in uniform.

The dashboard was very well received, and is currently
undergoing some approvals and slight modifications to begin implementation in 2016.


Created in collaboration with Jonathan Palacio, Austin Woodruff and Medini Cardenas.  
A special thanks to Shauna Hicks, Manager of Visitor Services at Telfair Museums, and Xenia Viladas.