More than Print

HP controls a large portion of the print market, and as the industry continues to transform through new techonologies, print is becoming less relevant to consumers. Selected to work amongst a team of avid Interaction and Industrial designers, the focus was to assist HP in developing a broader more innovative line of technologies that engages consumers and restructures the relevance of print in the modern world.

Project completed under guidance of
Eric Wiesner, Director of R&D at HP.



In order to truly understand how HP could better serve customers while presenting an evolved mentality towards print, required a seriously deep understanding of the industry, and the trends that affected it. Consolidating information from over 1,200 interviews and observations over the course of 3 months, a holistic outline was developed of how to implement these new products and services. The end result were a series of experiences centered around the concepts created, which are going to be vital if not very relevant, to HP and their business in the relationship between technology and print in the coming years.

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A very special thanks to John McCabe and Michael Felix.
CLC Collaborative Studio.