"Survival" Workshop
w/ Max Lamb

Fundamental, primordial behaviour.

"... my work has always centered on aspects of independance, economy, problem solving, making, immediacy, improvisation, intuition, spontaneity, self procuction and surviving, all of which are traits applicable to design and the creation of objects..."  


"...To be a good designer is to know the concept of "fit for purpose" - no more or no less - to have an awareness of one's surroundings and environment, to determine what is needed for a specific task, and to understand the quickest, easiest, most appropriate and economical method of creating the solution..."


"...A spoon is for eating, scooping, digging, drinking - in the most basic sense a spoon is used to transfer a material from one place to another - to transfer food from a bowl to your mouth. But how do we make a spoon, a bowl, a shelter, or a seat when we are in the jungles of borneo, the frozen Arctic, or the woods at Boisbuchet?"  
                                - Max Lamb


Perhaps these natural encounters become ways for us to reflect our relationship with nature. Perhaps they are simply ways for us to resemble a lifestyle we idolize, or one we hope to mirror someday.