"The Dinner" Procelaine Workshop
w/ Jaime Hayon

In the summer of 2012, while in France, I had the incredible opportunity to learn and explore porcelaine and its applications in a workshop with the great Jaime Hayon. The exploration of this ancient material with such versatile characteristics, was focused around making tableware, lighting and accessories for a special dinner. The outcome was a series of items that for me symbolized the magic of Boisbuchet.


The concept of this dinner was to make and merge both prefabricated and new objects into an experiential series of pieces which we would enjoy in the final dinner. Any object that could be casted or molded would become immortalized in porcelaine, taking on a completely different context, different use, and different nature.


Our gathering, and goodbye to this incredible experience was a beautiful white dinner set along a soothing river. With more than 150 different pieces from 20 designers and creatives from all over the world, we enjoyed a special menu in extraordinary company.

The aim was to understand the extents of this material while being able to decontextualize and propose a new experience to objects that might be recognizable in their native material. Inspired by the materialization of objects and their function, I selected a variety of different objects that each represented Boisbuchet to me, in some form, transformed to create a set of vessels. It was a way for me to visualize the beauty of a place so special, yet explorative and iconic.