A suite of interconnected services 
designed for national tourism bureaus, 
focused on enhancing and improving
the entire travel experience.

Tourist Information bureaus are governmental agencies established to assist travelers and improve the desirability and experience of visiting a city. With the growth of the internet though, national tourism information centers are under serious threat from substitute products and services that have emerged to offer a more reliable travel experience. Consequently, travel planning is now sole responsibility of the user, becoming an often tedious and tiring experience. Inspired by these effects, we set out to research how these existing services could be enhanced to become more personal, reliable, and accessible, allowing for bureaus to assist users in a new modern way. 



Using a variety of strategic design, and creative thinking methods, Wanderin was developed from in-depth research into the travel service sector. The new concepts were designed and built to be completely user-focused and user-driven. Through these various innovative approaches, we were able to closely analyze existing brands, map their strategies and find opportunities for new services to be created.

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Wanderin is a suite of interconnected services designed for national tourism bureaus, focused on enhancing the entire traveling experience. For travelers that are going to a new destination that want to personalize their trips and catalog them with previous and future ones, Wanderin is a personal approach to keeping track and delivering information that becomes an essential travel companion and grows with the user. Keeping in mind the most important necessities for travel, Wanderin focuses on improving security, connectivity, and permanence to te experience of the traveler in multiple locations through its adaptability and accessibility.


Marketing plan

Service Blueprint 


Created in collaboration with Medini Cardenas.